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Wooden 60X120 Cm Folding Roof Ladder

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Wooden 60X120 Cm Folding Roof Ladder

Wooden Roof Ladder Features

• Weight: 22 kg

• Carrying Capacity: 150 kg

• Case Depth: 135mm

• Its design is convenient and practical.

• It opens and closes in 3 stages.

• Suitable for ceilings up to 2.80 meters high.

• It is made of impregnated pine and is durable and long-lasting.

• The gap you will make on the ceiling should be 1 cm wider than the specified dimensions for each side.

• Wooden loft ladder is lighter and more economical than other ladder models.

• By choosing the appropriate size, it can be easily installed at the roof exit without the need for modification.

• Thanks to its folding structure, it does not take up extra space in the room.

• The cover is white

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