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Wall Cladding Panels

Wall Cladding Panels

Wall Cladding Panels

wall cladding panels are completely domestic production and are produced with the latest technology. It can be used in all areas where ceramic, marble and natural stone are used. Thanks to its rich color and pattern options, it adds beauty to the places where it is applied with its natural appearance.

Product Features

It is water and moisture resistant, suitable for kitchen, bathroom, etc. It can also be used on wet room walls. It is a B1 class flameproof material. It has the texture and appearance of marble. It is resistant to ultraviolet rays. It is antibacterial. It is odorless and does not contain harmful materials. Since it is lighter than marble, it does not bring additional load to the building. It is easy to apply, saves time and money. It is easy to maintain and clean, easily cleaned with a slightly damp cloth.

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