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Stretch film

Stretch film

What is Nylon Stretch?

Introducing Nylon Stretch (What is Stretch Film)? )

The English meaning of the word stretch in Persian is elastic, so stretch film is a plastic that has many elastic properties and its use is to pack objects. If you have seen photos and videos of how this plastic works, you will notice that this plastic has adhesive properties. However, the adhesive property of the stretch film is not similar to the adhesive property of the adhesive. what does it mean? Let’s do a mental experiment.

Suppose you have a metal cube. We stretch the two sides of this cube with a machine. After this we find that the cube has lost its shape. But if we do the same thing with a cube made of stretch film, we see that it tries to return to its original shape, this property is called elastic property.

Well, now if we pull the nylon stretch around a tight object, the nylon tries to return to its original position and therefore sticks to the body. This feature of stretch film has many applications.

What is a stretch film?

Stretch nylon is another name for cellophane nylon. This product has elasticity and adhesion and has a transparent cheek shape.

Another product is polymer or nylon accent, stretch film, which is made of petrochemical materials, according to the technology used today in most industries, including food, industry and construction. It is an acceptable alternative to old pallet packaging, which is also more cost-effective, stronger and more convenient than other products.

This product, which is usually used using semi-automatic devices or manually, is produced according to the information received from the customer and is provided to the user to protect the product placed on the pallet. Stretch Power Rap film, which can be produced with various features according to the operation of the device, product type, layout and operator’s taste, with 4 times traction (400%) and a thickness of 12 to 50 microns by our company and marketed Is offered.

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