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PFT SWING L airless

PFT SWING L airless
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Delivery pumps perform the material transport to the processing site at the construction site. PFT delivery pumps are suitable for processing all pumpable lime/cement-based ready-mix dry mortars as well as wet products, paste-like materials and liquid media. With the SWING family, PFT satisfies a wide range of requirements. Thanks to RotaAirless technology, the high-pressure pump does not need any valves. The additional rolling effects improve the spray quality. The conveying output is infinitely variable. Fluid, pumpable and solvent-free materials up to a maximum of 3 mm granulation can be pumped, grouted and sprayed. Filling takes place from the bucket or a screw mixer. In combination with an air compressor and a spraying gun, the SWING L airless can also be used to apply plasters and paints. Available as 230V and 400V version.

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