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Glaap Brinkmann  D5BS

Underneath the new GFK- bonnet you will find the dream of every service company; all components are simple and easy to reach.

The GFK - bonnet opens almost completely over the engine and compressor unit. The new MIXMAN NEO is environmentally friendly, robust, and maximally adapted to use on the construction site.

The new Hatz Diesel 3H50TICD engine fulfils EUROPEAN STAGE V NON-ROAD EMISSION STANDARDS and with its fuel consumption of just 220 g/kWh at its best, it is one of the most economical in this class.

MIXMAN NEO sets new standards among construction machinery engines, soot and smoke being forgotten when starting or running the machine. The constant speed saves fuel and reduces wear, making daily use on the construction site easier.

The perfect equipment is as convincing as the simplicity of operating. Despite of the common-rail technology that comes with lots of controllers, the engine controlling panel is easy and comprehensible to operate with just the touch of a button.

The ACGB-45 compressor unit installed in the MIXMAN NEO combines the robustness required for construction site use with maximum power. The Hatz diesel engine 3H50TICD may be put to use at the speed of 2,850 rpm, maximum.

MIXMAN NEO works at its full power even in extreme heat. The hot air generated is optimally discharged to the front via the hood and chassis, while the necessary cooling air is drawn inside from the top of hood.

The engine-compressor unit starts up without load, which protects the engine’s starter motor in particular and ensures a smooth start-up of the machine.

The mixing vessel is switched on manually via a robust button on the control unit thus increasing the safety of the new MIXMAN NEO and giving the user full control over the machine at all times.

The special pneumatic control unit designed for screed production guarantees that the entire air output is always available for screed delivery. A pressure gauge inside of the machine allows you to check the hydraulic output of the unit at any time. The outside pressure gauge allows you to always check the compressor and mixing vessel pressure.

These factors, combined with the compact design enable MIXMAN to work quietly, environmentally friendly and with low wear. This makes work fun.

Technical Data

Drive: 55 kW Hatz diesel engine

Compressor: ACGB-60 Compressor

Pressure mixing tank: Pressure mixing tank 265 litres gross/200 litres net, made in Europe, and equipped with wear plates.

Outlet in the middle as a standard, front outlet optionally available

Filling height: 420 mm

Mixing vessel volume: approx. 60 Liter

Frame/ chassis: Sturdy chassis of German manufacture with 5mm walls, special coating for optimal corrosion protection (against rust), high-quality

powder coating. Chassis colour: RAL 9023

Radiator: The radiator can be cleaned easily thanks to the removable grid, only 4 screws must be loosened, no tools needed.

Noise level in dB: ca. 99dB(A)

Chassis: ALKO axle with (reinforced) 2t version (stronger axle tube), reinforced tyres and rims, adapted to the 2t axle.

Bonnet: GKF (as in vehicle construction) with reinforced aluminium frame for optimal stability of the bonnet, hinges made of stainless steel.

Large air inlets for cooling air in the hood, the ram air can escape easily when the machine is parked, ensuring a smooth restart.

Large air outlets for warm exhaust air both in the bonnet and in the chassis directed towards the front.

Road approval: 80 km/h - 100 km/h, technically possible up to 140 km/h**

Weight: 1.960 kg* 

Dimensions (LxBxH) in mm: 5 000 x 1 580 x 2 450 

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