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Laser Cut Long Leg Shorts Corset

Laser Cut Long Leg Shorts Corset

Laser Cut Long Leg Shorts Corset

With its ghost corset feature, it does not show any traces, you can easily wear it under the clothes you want.

Waist and leg ends are produced in such a way that they cannot be seen from under your clothes.

The silicone surface inside the waist area prevents the corset from slipping by holding onto your waist more tightly.

It is produced from polyamide fabric with special production technology. The feature of the fabric is to provide the desired thinning at the maximum level while having a light and thin structure.

It is suitable for daily use. Thanks to its breathable fabric feature, it does not sweat and does not disturb.

It is specially designed to shape your abdomen, belly, hips and buttocks.

It helps to slim your body and gain a more fit look.

It eliminates the swollen and protruding image in your abdomen and belly area.

While thinning the hips, it helps the hips to take a more aesthetic shape.

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