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Greenhouse nylon

Greenhouse nylon

What is Greenhouse Nylon?

The main task of greenhouse coverings is to pass the maximum amount of sunlight and heat to the desired plant. Obviously, the amount of light and heat transmitted is not 100% and due to reflection and absorption by the coating, we will also have some losses. These coatings can include materials such as glass and plastics. Because disadvantages such as high cost glass fixtures and the need for sturdy frames to install, nylon coatings are a better choice for greenhouses.

Greenhouse nylon is a type of light polyethylene and contains various additives in greenhouses and ornamental flower greenhouses. Depending on the needs of customers, additives can be added to the production films to adjust the temperature (IR), ultraviolet (UV), anti-dew (FOG), etc.

Greenhouse Nylon UV Additive (film strength and durability):

Anti-UV (UV) additive for greenhouse nylon protects from the sun and increases the life of the coating and can be used for a longer time. Its benefits for agriculture protect the plant from the rays that harm the plant and increase the quality of the product. The amount of this additive with the required area is proportional to the percentage of UV used.

IR Add-on:

The sun’s rays raise the temperature inside the greenhouse during the day. During the night the greenhouse loses this heat. Special thermal films using IR additive are able to absorb infrared rays and reduce heat loss during the night. The IR additive reflects infrared radiation, which causes a temperature difference of about 4 degrees warmer than coatings without this additive. IR material prevents the products from being damaged by scattering sunlight when the sunlight is strong, and the products grow in a timely manner. This film is also known as thermal coatings.

Anti Fog Additive:

Water droplets formed by photosynthesis of plants on the inner surface of greenhouse nylon on films have several negative effects. Reduces plant light intake by 30%, which reduces yields. Drops of dew drops on the plant increase the risk of various diseases. Water droplets also act like a magnifying glass and damage the plant. Antifog movies have many benefits.

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