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Glaap Brinkmann Plastering machine

Glaap Brinkmann Plastering machine

Glaap Brinkmann Plastering machine

The continuously growing demands on construction are a constantly new challenge for man and machine. This is why

we always need to meet the most stringent demands on quality.

The PLASTERMAN is the new and optimised solution in the field of plastering using a machine. The most diverse materials

such as restoration plasters, gypsum plaster, limestone cement plaster and insulation plaster can be processed by the new PLASTERMAN.


Robust processing by the components selected yields top-class quality that lives up to the requirements of the given

construction. These features of quality make the PLASTERMAN a highly robust and reliable partner by your side.

The extremely compact design and low weight, too, facilitatethe work tremendously.

Check out the quality of PLASTERMAN for yourself.

Technical specifications

Operating voltage: 400 V - 50 HZ

Pump motor: 5,5 kW

Starwheel motor: 0,75 KW

Compressor: 400 V - 220 litres/min

Water pump: 400 V - 50 Hz

Capacity: ca. 5-70 litres/min

Weight: 238 kg

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