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Food stretch

Food stretch

What is a food stretch?

What is a stretch film?

Stretch film is a thick and flexible plastic film that is used for packaging various products. This film is usually made of polyethylene. As the stretch film is pulled around the products, the film puts pressure on the products and there is also tension in the films. The same pressure causes the products to be pressed together, and due to the many properties that stretch films have, including the fact that they are not easily punctured and damaged, it makes the products We do our best to protect.

What are the different types of stretch films?

One of the most common types of stretches for stretch films is that stretch films are divided into manual and machine stretch films.

Manual stretch film is designed in such a way that it must be applied to the products by hand, and since it is done manually, it is better to use it in small quantities. In contrast, there is a machine stretch film, which is applied to products using a machine, and usually a large number of products are packaged using a machine stretch film.

There are several different types of groupings for stretch films that we will introduce below.

Food stretch film

Stretch film of silage

Industrial stretch film

Forage stretch film

Furniture stretch film

Stretch pallet film

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