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FLOWMAN Plastering Machine

FLOWMAN Plastering Machine

Plastering Machine

The FLOWMAN's numerous built-in features make it  a high-performance worm pump, driven by a 3-cylinder diesel engine. Its high conveying capacity even allows for very large increases in the delivery altitude; it can handle heights of up to about 30 floors.


The screw is the FLOWMANs delivery unit. The robust screw rotor is speed-controlled, allowing the conveyance rate to be determined. This helps the conveyed material to be distributed more efficiently where required. The screws forward and reverse modes prevent possible jamming caused by too coarse or hard pieces of material getting trapped in the system.

The powerful, 3-cylinder made-in-Germany diesel engine from Deutz is the high-powered motor with which FLOWMAN conveys materials. This gives it a capacity of up to 18m3/h. The FLOWMAN also has a delivery pressure of 35 bars, producing a conveyor distance/height of up to about 180 m.

The FLOWMAN is your indispensable partner on the construction site.


The protective grating is not only there to prevent someone inserting their hand into the machine while the screw is running, but it also serves to sift the material and break down coarser materials. Blockages are prevented and the material is given a more uniform mass. The combination of safety and the practical use of the protective grating make the FLOWMAN a well-designed worm pump for pumping your building materials.


Its ease of operation is just one quality of the FLOWMAN?s robust design. When designing this machine, we placed special value on its practical elements. High-quality workmanship and the "made in Germany" label make the FLOWMAN an indispensable unit in your machinery arsenal. The thoughtful arrangement of wear parts also saves a great deal of expense during maintenance.

FLOWMAN ? Fast and strong.

The FLOWMAN is specially designed for screed conveyance. We were able to develop a worm pump that can cope with the daily demands of the construction site by utilising its daily use on construction sites and the extensive experience of our engineers and technicians.

Technical details

Drive: 3-cylinder Deutz diesel engine

Delivery amount: Flows to 18 m3/h

Delivery pressure: 35 bars

Delivery distance/height: up to about 180m

Tank capacity: 45-litre

Filling height: 1000-mm 

Weight: 1050 kg *

Dimensions (LxWxH) in mm: 4500 x 1400 x 1350

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