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Glaap Brinkmann

The FLOORMAN screed removal robot is intended for smoothing, leveling and compacting concrete layers in automatic mode, both indoors and outdoors.

A layer of concrete mix can be made both on a horizontal and on a sloping surface.

Most cement and sand mixes can be used with the FLOORMAN. By leveling the floor, it is easily possible to take over the leveling for any other location. This is how you achieve a perfect result.

conveyor belt and inductive limit switches

The integrated inductive limit switches achieve the excellent results through an automated change of direction according to your specifications. You can adjust the settings of the head position sensors at any time in the operating menu. 

YOU achieve the perfect end result in every situation.

The conveyor belt enables the FLOORMAN to move extremely gently. Due to the well-balanced weight, there are no tracks or residues on the freshly smoothed working surface.

Plate changer and rub-in plate

Due to the level arrangement of the rubbing plate to the machine, no traces in the screed are possible and the result will be impressive.

NEVER more strenuous kneeling with the leveling board. Take care of yourself and your health and make the leap to automated screed processing.

The automated distribution of the rubbing plate gives you an optimal result. Technical data Performance: The area to be processed is approx.: 80 m²/h Weight: 65 kg Dimensions: Length: 800mm, width: 800mm, height: 700mm Power supply : 230 V voltage Control system: Control system and drive at 24V Material:

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