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EstrichBoy FE 400

EstrichBoy FE 400
Store : Brinkmann

Brinkmann EstrichBoy FE 400

The tried-and-tested liquid screed pump EstrichBoy FE 400 was designed to satisfy the highest customer and construction site requirements. The EstrichBoy FE 400 is intended for the delivery of liquid screed and can be fed easily and directly by a truck mixer.


• Calcium sulphate self-levelling floor screed (anhydrite)

• Cement self-levelling floor screed

Key Features:

• Simple and light to transport and manoeuvre

• Can be fed easily and directly from the truck mixer

• Reaches conveying distances of up to 200 m and handles grain sizes up to 12 mm

• High productivity, flexible application possibilities

• Plenty of storage space for accessories

• Low maintenance costs

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