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ixora Face Whitening Whitening Cream 50g (Brightening / Whitening)

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ixora Face Whitening Whitening Cream 50g (Brightening / Whitening)

ixora Whitening Cream 50g (Lightening / Whitening)

Skin Types: Suitable for all skin types.

Product features:

In particular, it helps to lighten freckles due to aging and brown freckles that appear in the sun. The brightening cream, on the other hand, supports the correction of color changes that appear as spots on the skin or commonly seen dark-blackish discolorations and dark brown spots of irregular shape and size on the skin. The estimated duration of action can be 4-6 weeks after at least one use per day. It is recommended to apply with circular movements in the morning and evening.

Content knowledge:

About TINY WHITE, soybean phospholipids with high phosphatidylcholine form vesicles containing biological extracts. The product is prepared by high pressure homogenization to obtain small particle size. The actives that make up the structure of TinyWhite, which has a liposomal structure;

-Arbutin(4-hydroxyphenyl-BD-glycopyranoside)                                                                                              Arbutin is the main component of hydrochinone-glycosides found in bearberry leaves. Arbutin, which is used as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial active in medical use, has a very good skin whitening feature.

-GSP-T (tocopherols and grape seed procyanidins)                                                                        It is a composition of lipophilic natural alpha, gamma and delta tocopherols and water-soluble procyanidins. This combination of both water- and oil-soluble antioxidants significantly reduces the formation of melanin in the skin, a prominent oxidative process.

-Vitamin Complex: The
effect of linoleic acid on melanogenesis has been proven. Concomitant use of sodium ascorbyl phosphate and linoleic acid reduces the induced pigmentation.

-Glutathione:                                                                                                                                                                It is very sensitive to Glutathione, which has a high reduction potential due to Tyrosinase, an oxygen oxireductase enzyme.

Tiny White Features:

It helps to safely prevent color differences that occur on the skin with advancing age.

It has strong antioxidant activity.

-Reduces melanin synthesis.

-Provides a homogeneous and luminous skin tone.

- Suitable for daily use. (Recommended to use morning and evening every day)

It is a natural moisture regulator for the skin. By carrying moisture in the deeper layers of the skin, it strengthens the skin's natural defense barrier, supports the restructuring of the cellular cement.

Thanks to the water binding capacity of Phosphatidylcholine particles, it gives smoothness to the skin.
-Inhibits tyrosinase enzymatic activity. Regular use helps prevent freckles, brown spots and dark skin color.

Skin tone is balanced and brightened.

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