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Liva Argan Black Garlic Shampoo Set400 ML Shampoo50 ML SerumHair Bonnet

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Liva Argan Black Garlic Shampoo Set400 ML Shampoo50 ML SerumHair Bonnet

ixora Liva Hair Care Set

Although black garlic  is not well known in our country, it has a very popular place in European, American, Australian and Japanese cuisine. In addition to its benefits, being odorless makes black garlic more popular in reference to white garlic.
The cosmetics industry  has made the discovery of this excellent plant and introduced you to a drug-like product.

ixora Liva Hair Care Set  eliminates skin irritations on your scalp with black garlic extract , which has an anti-allergic effect With a healthy scalp, your dandruff problem will disappear. Weak hair follicles are revitalized and have better quality hair, while increasing the number of hairs. With regular use, shedding is reduced by 70%. ixora  Liva Hair Care Set  ; it has a very strong effect formed by the raw material of this beneficial plant. Since black garlic is the fermented form of white garlic, the beneficial components in it become more intense. Thus, it provides more benefits in usage areas and increases its continuity.

 What's in the  ixora Liva Hair Care Set ? 1 Piece Black Garlic Extract Hair Serum 1 Piece 400 ml Shampoo There is 1 Piece Hair Cap

 How to Use ixora Liva Hair Care Set ?

After applying Liva Hair Serum to your hair roots, it is covered with a bone and left for 1 hour.

Using a cap will open your pores as it will make your scalp sweat, so the serum will penetrate the pores better.

To remove the hair serum from your hair, wash it   twice with Liva shampoo.

The shampoo  is suitable for daily use.
*No side effects were observed in dermatological tests.
*Use Liva Hair Serum at least once a week.

With regular use, the effect is quickly noticed.

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